Dear Kevman….

I just thought I should fess up. I’m totally sorry. I tried to get you to go to the BooksAMillion this morning and get that Dr. Seuss book for me. I tried. I even said that you could go to Sam’s Club and get your coffee. But, you didn’t go, did you? Nope. And I waited until 5:30 before I left. I had to get that book — Hooray for Diffendoofer Day — because my poor little sophomores are taking a mean old writing test on Tuesday, and they need a boost of The Dr. (Seuss). In the book, the kids at Diffendoofer School tell about their silly teachers and then the principal says they have to take a test to see what they know and if they fail that they have to go to a boring black-&-white-school (FYI: the page is actually black & white & boring–it’s not black people & white people!). Anyway, so the kids are all scared and worried that they didn’t learn what they need to because their teachers are all weird and stuff–but then they take the test and they totally ACE them!!! And so I’m hoping that when I read this book to them tomorrow, that all my students will know that they have the ability to pass that mean old test….You know….I’m just trying to give them a pep-talk….

So, it’s not my fault that BooksAMillion had a sale, is it? Is it also my fault that I found seven books that my students haven’t read yet? Really? Is it my fault that I couldn’t make myself NOT buy them? I mean, my STUDENTS might read them, for crying out loud! They like to read now. They like it when I “steal” your credit card or the “book fairy” shows up at my house….It makes them feel like I really care about what they like. And they feel like YOU care about what they like–They like that you help us have a good classroom library. You’re practically a HERO in my students’ eyes….


So, it’s technically not my fault that I had to buy those books.

It’s yours. You shouldn’t be a hero!! (Just remember that I was a teacher before you met me….and you really liked that part of me….and that..ummmm…I love you?????!!!! )Β  πŸ™‚


P.S. Thanks for the books! You can read them, too, if you want….

P.S.S. If anyone reading this has seen my sister….please tell her it’s impolite to NOT call her older sister for an ENTIRE WEEK!!!