Oh, man…today, I’m feeling so lazy! The Jakester got home last night, so we’ve been catching up (he actually expects me to accept that thing on his lip!! Who does he think I am, for goodness sake?? 🙂 ) The LilyBell broke her pinky promise first thing this morning because she did NOT cry when she saw the Jakester as instructed. Nope…she started asking questions!!! “Did it hurt? Can you eat? Why can’t you blow up my balloon?”

Man, you can’t count on kids for anything! haha….

So, I’ve been reading a little…trying to remember a way cool project I thought of for Voicethread…..watching Monday creep up….But I’ve mostly been resigned to the fact that my “season” is over. The state writing test is Tuesday, and I have to figure out what kind of literature I want to start with. I’d like something light, but  the curriculum is World Lit–there’s not much lightness in World Lit. Maybe I can start with 1001 Arabian Nights or some Magical Realism–that’s always a favorite. Maybe the kids can write a story with a little magic (speaking of which, if you haven’t read Garden Spells or The Girl Who Chased the Moon by Sarah Addison Allen, what are you waiting for?! Her books are filled with (((Americanized))) magical realism–LOVE THEM!!! I think she’s becoming my new favorite writer.)

Where was I? Anyway, in my laziness, I found a video that I heard about on a local radio station. The dad had just received a rejection letter for a job, and in his frustion, he ripped the paper—then the baby made him feel better!!!! (They tend to do that….until they grow up to pierce their cute face, or break a pinky promise!!! haha….). Try not to laugh & feel better while watching!!!