I follow the blog, Poetic Asides that Robert Lee Brewer writes at Writer’s Digest (here’s the address if you’re interested: http://blog.writersdigest.com/poeticasides/) He’s gearing up for an April Poem-A-Day Challenge — something I’ve wanted to try, but I don’t think I’ve too fluent in poetry writin’!! Anyway, I’m just catching up on some past posts, and on Wednesday, Brewer’s poetry prompt was Better Off (Blank) haha…I love that. So, here’s my attempt for my Slice today.

Better Off With Elvis

Because you wore jumpsuits and black leather

Because your sweat turned women into Tutti Fruiti(s)

Because your songs never get old, and all the rockers want to be you

Because you show me I can live in Heartbreak Hotel as long as I have my Blue Suede Shoes

Because there’s a child In the Ghetto who cries in pain — and you gave her voice

Because, with A Little Less Conversation, even a Hard-Headed Woman can be your Good-Luck Charm

Because I Can Dream of a better place even when it feels like It’s Now or Never

Because your Burnin’ Love’s still The Latest Flame, I’m All Shook Up

Because You’re So Square (and Baby, I Don’t Care), I’m Stuck On You and Can’t Help Falling in Love

Because you were generous and kind and forgiving to strangers

Because you make my heart and body have to move

Because of the Wonder of You,

My life is better off.

Blah!! That needs some revision….enjoy The King: