today is an almost proms & potties adventure–but it really has to do with when do i stop parenting? haha….


lily: mommy, i want to get my ears pierced.

me: sorry, lily. you’re only 4. i don’t think you’re old enough for piercings.

lily: but moooooooooooommy!!! neva has her ears pierced!

me: you can get your ears pierced when you can take care of them yourself. probably when you’re 12.

lily: can i have a barbie birthday cake?

me: sure ((turns & laughs at the ease of resolution))


first, enjoy the cartoon (you can read  more zits cartoons at this address:

here’s my story: the jakester, mr. big college kid, starts a facebook campaign last week that i only understood this past sunday. he has apparently gotten a facial piercing — not asking, of course. he’s 18, for crying out loud! no barbie birthday cake for him! haha…

i’m just wondering when is the “right” time to not expect to be asked about major life decisions? i mean, i still claim him as a tax credit — i still own him, right? haha….this is too funny of a situation because i really know the answer. it just hurts when the cuteness leaves!!

the lilybell and i have a plan, though. when he gets home for break this friday, she’s going to cry every time she looks at him or he talks to her. and when he says, “what’s wrong, lily?”, she’s going to say he’s scaring her with that crap on his face!! haha….i can’t wait for that!