good grief! i can’t believe it’s been a year that i’ve been blogging! and today marks the second time i’ll be joining in the slice of life challenge over at — how amazing is that??

my students and i are on a roller coaster ride with each other. i was out last week for staff development and left what i thought were clearly written lesson plans and expectations. unfortunately, the class you leave is only as good as the substitute who comes in–and let’s just say that it did not go well. my classroom was destroyed (paper strewn, office supplies broken or vanished, desks turned sideways and drawn/written on)–a total mess!

so, i put them in time out! isn’t that what a good parent does? haha….time out at school, for me, just means that they can’t go anywhere during class and i’m much more strict than i’m comfortable being. i don’t normally have to use time out more than once, as the added strictness usually stops any other ill-conceived behavior. with this group, though, i’m more than a little worried that they LIKE being in trouble (is that even possible???).

a couple of colleagues have tried to help. one of them gave me a quote from gandhi:

first they ignore you

then they laugh at you

then they fight you

then….you win.

i liked that, so i hung it up in my room. another colleague made me go to the computer lab and show a class how to use the voki avatars ( i’m supposed to present a workshop during the district’s technology workshops this summer, so i needed some practice. the problem is, though, that it’s crappy technology, so sometimes it works right, and others….not so much.

but i need to quit focusing & harping on the badness. there’s light — somewhere down the line. OMG — that just reminded me of an elvis song—I’M TOTALLY CURED!!!!!



actually, this absolutely shows me once again that if we only lived our lives by elvis songs, the world would be a much better place!! YEA, ELVIS!!