because i’m NOT going to write ugly things about my students (or even tell that i cried last night and this morning during my planning period) since i apparently have taught them absolutely nothing  about writing since september, i decided to write a list of tips for myself if i was 16 again. maybe the tips will help me remember that schoolwork probably wasn’t on my list of “important” things to do when i was in high school either! 😉

13 Pieces of Advice for 16 y/o Me….

1. Shut up and listen

2. Your friends don’t know everything

3. Don’t let that stupid boy ruin your life

4. Yes, your sister can do your Latin homework, but that won’t help you make better on your SAT!

5. It’s okay to think stuff out–quit getting so mad so easily

6. In 4 years, high school’s over: take it one day at a time (you really don’t EVER have to see these people again)

7. Read some more…being able to suggest books will come in very handy later on

8. Your teachers don’t know everything, but they are good resources when you have a question

9. Do you really have to kick that girl’s butt in the ladies’ room? It really won’t make you feel better (okay, that’s a lie….it felt VERY good! haha)

10. That weird kid in band might grow up to be famous–tag along! haha…

11. It’s really okay if you like to write; learn to be quiet and listen to that voice

12. Be a runner; it’s good exercise, and all the best writers do it

13. No matter how hard you think life is right now, it’s NOTHING compared to teaching essay-writing to silly teens like yourself!


last, but not least, i’m dedicating this song to my beautiful sophomores this year…if you aren’t a Nickelodeon viewer, you won’t know this “singer.” i’m sure the song is all about love, but, like the “good” teacher i am, where there’s love, i see “make it relevant” to teaching….but i love the words because they TOTALLY describe what it’s like to teach in this century–or at least at my little high school in NC… (man, i can’t WAIT to show this in the morning!!!!!) — lyrics are below the video…..

Are you listening?
Hear me talk, Hear me sing.
Open up the door,
Is it less, is it more?
When you tell me to beware,
Are you here? Are you there?
Is it something I should know?
Easy come, Easy go.
Nodding your head,
Don’t hear a word I said
Can’t communicate, when you wait
Don’t relate.
I try to talk to you
But you never even knew, so,
What’s it gonna be,
Tell me can you hear me?

(Hear me, can you hear me?)
I’m so sick of it,
Your attention deficit
Never listen, You never listen.
I’m so sick of it,
So I’m throwing on a fit
Never listen, You never listen.

I scream your name,
It always stays the same.
I scream and shout,
So what I’m gonna do now
Is freak the freak out, hey!
Woah oh oh, Woah oh oh,
Woah oh oh, Woah oh oh oh.

Patience running thin
Running thin, come again
Tell me what I get
Opposite, opposite
Show me what is real
If it breaks does it heal
Open up your ear
Why you think that I’m here?
Keep me in the dark
Are you even thinking of me?
And someone else above me
Gotta know, gotta know
What am I gonna do?
Cause I can’t get through to you
So what’s it gonna be
Tell me can you hear me?