i was so going to blog about that teacher who’s in trouble for some of her blog entries that mentioned the lazy, whiny brats that she was expected to motivate and teach each day (see the story here if you haven’t heard about it: my new hero!!). i mean, what’s the controversy over, really? she told the truth a few times, hurt poo-bear’s feelings, and now mommy has to pretend she doesn’t know said pooh-bear is a louse? seriously? all i’m saying is the people who are complaining are not teachers (and if they are, then they are doing that holier-than-thou thing i hate) or, they are the ostrich parents who think (pretend) little johnny does no wrong–the parents of the kids that teacher was talking about.

but that’s not what i want to talk about. nope. tonight i want to talk about how seriously hilarious my kid is.

every day after we get home, the lily-bell replays her day at preschool/daycare. lily becomes a teacher and fusses at the kids for, among other things, getting up 50 times to go to the bathroom (“i told you, hayden, you can NOT get up again! it’s NAP time for goodness sake”), crying because they want their parents (“boo boo…i told you that your daddy will be back in a little while. now you stop that crying RIGHT now!), or hitting (“LANDON!! you are in time-out FOREVER!!!!). haha…she’s so flipping funny!

today, she’s passing out “snacks” to her “kids” (see dolls, here!). she does arts & crafts, too –she’s tracing & cutting out hearts and stole a glue stick out of my purse to glue a few together! and the best part is, she’s fussing at the kevman for fussing at her for having so many paper cups on the table (kev: think we can put the cups back in the pantry? lily: daddy! mommy, tell him i need these for my kids!!! me: kev, you just don’t understand; she NEEDS those for her kids! kev: no one ever listens to anything i say.) hahahahaha…i’m sorry…this is just about the funniest thing ever.

lily’s crap is EVERYWHERE in this house! she really has no “lily” room (that’s sooooo another post!) and there’s no amount of fussing, or bribing, or timing-out helps. but i just want to BE her! i want to not care that my toys are every where. i want to yell at the top of my lungs  and get all my stress out. but i totally and completely, want to pretend that life is just a cartoon and everything is new, and i’m not jaded yet.

could help me be a better teacher, and not be my new hero! haha….


okay, she just came out of the bedroom from watching tv & said “you are not hearing me when i told you i needed more dwink!”

me: i didn’t hear you say you needed more dwink because you didn’t come out and tell me.

the lilybell: i don’t have to come out. it’s your time! you come in here and do it. now!