i’m sorry to say that i had a great topic for today’s slice; unfortunately, i did not practice good writerly skills like writing down the flipping topic. it’s lost somewhere in my head. but, it’s 8:15 pm here in north carolina; fourteen days before the state’s writing test. and, quite frankly, my 10th graders are not ready. i seriously keep trying to use the workshop approach, yet i’m defeated by the talkers, the lax, the sleepy. today i yelled at a student who had not started his journal after reading–the problem, i learned about 20 minutes later, revolved around his last class of the day where he was afraid he’d get into an argument with the teacher, and she’d send him to the office–and if that happened, he would be suspended. i felt terrible about fussing; i still do.

my meanness has come to the forefront lately because of the time crunch until test day. every day of school, i feel like i’m starting over again–as if the students don’t retain anything i’ve tried to teach, despite the fact that i’ve had many of them all year. can you feel like a horrid teacher but still be successful???? maybe i’m just stressing too  much over what i can’t control. i don’t know the prompt; i can’t make the kids learn; i can’t make the parents turn off the tv and make the kids read; i can’t make previous teachers see the error of not teaching writing in early grades. and, the worst part, i can’t seem to get feedback to my students quick enough, so it can help them get better. grrrrrrr!!

anyway….this video made me laugh. maybe tomorrow will be a better day since i laughed….;)