i think the worst part of blogging is when you get out of the habit, it’s soooooooo much easier to not write tonight…or tomorrow…or the next day….or the next day….etc.  i’m going to try very hard to get back in a rhythm of writing. it’s getting close to march and the slice of life daily blog challenge over at two-writing teachers…..and i have a ton of catching up to do, methinks!

i stressed out too much today about an observation from my assistant principal. i can’t figure out how best to put my lesson plans on the principal’s “new & improved” form–maybe i’m just not as smart as i think i am…anyway, so here i am, stressing, feeling like the worst teacher ever (the sophomores this year have a way of tell me this like every day)….and i finally realized that the plans i had written on sunday night were the best ones for today. i thought i’d have my class revise their essay, but this particular class hasn’t had enough exposure to informational writing, so i didn’t think that was fair. i paired them up and had them read two different essays—both of which passed–one stronger than the other. they were absolutely amazed when i told them that both essays passed. the first one was really not constructed very well at all. it was hurtful to read, actually. then i had the class take notes on these two topics: (1) what is the bare minimum, i need to do, to make a borderline 3, which may actually end up being a 2; & (2) what should i do to make a solid 3 and a possible 4?

unfortunately, we didn’t finish the chart, so we’ll do that tomorrow. that plan actually turned out pretty well. now when i return the essays they did for me this week, maybe then they can come up with ways they can revise.

it’s writing, people…this is hard work! and the poor little children aren’t used to having to explain themselves. i just have to calm down and quit harping on the possibility of failing. rereading and revising has to be the key for them–especially some of my stronger writers who have potential to score a 4 (the highest level).

here’s something funny for keeping up with my minutia tonight…