so i’m such a slacker, i don’t think i’ve blogged since december! who’s that busy? i mean, seriously, how narcissistic of me to not take time to document my life!! haha…anyway, since i’m getting back into the swing of things, i thought i’d start with my favorite kind of posts: a proms & potties story….

my dilemma with the two people who call me “mom” involves school. for some reason, lily apparently will be in kindergarten next school year (!!!!!), and jake will be a sophomore in college. “why the dilemma, steph?” you might be saying to yourself….well, kindergarten is a big step in one’s life. it’s a make or break year, isn’t it? i mean, get the wrong teacher, and all is lost! get the right one, and you’ll soar to the top of the honor roll in high school (a bit of an exaggeration??? haha). seriously, though, i’m not looking forward to sending the lilybell to school because she’s a scaredy-cat. she cried the first two months of preschool and tells me now that she wants to stay with “miss anne” and “never ever ever never leave” her!! i know, crazy; that’s where she is, though. plus, i’m seriously worried about school taking away her creativity. all that competition and having to go by “rules” and “schedules” — living her life by bells!! man, it’s a wonder any of us ever got through that mess!

Generational Twins!

and so what about the jakester? well, he wants to transfer. somewhere. but he doesn’t know where. he’s taken to posting on his facebook page how depressed he is that he doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life. i’m pretty sure it would have helped him to have taken this year off and worked or gone to the peace core (can you do that right out of high school?) or something where he didn’t have an english paper due on tuesday or a french test on wednesday. however, i think i preached at him too much about being the “first” boy in our family to go to college that he didn’t feel like he could do anything else. i think he feels comfortable in a school setting (i mean, it’s familiar, right?), but is not very introspective, despite being an introverted personality (i totally have weird kids), so a major isn’t jumping out at him. i’ve told him several times that most people really don’t know what they want to do with their lives when they’re 18; what do i know, though? i’m just him mommy, haha….

so twelve years of school didn’t prepare jake for his life–and eighteen years with me certainly hasn’t either. hence, my delimma: how to parent the child through school, then through young adulthood.

(i think i might be doooooooooooomed!!!! haha….)