i have a lot on my mind this morning, and i’m not sure that i can focus on just one slice of life, but i’ll try. there are too many writing topics i’ve thought of in the last few days and have failed to take the time to write–other than random post-it notes jammed in my daybook (writer’s notebook)! when i procrastinate and lose a moment, it makes me hate myself–a common occurrence!

anyway, the lily-bell received a letter from santa week before last. he told her that she was heading for the naughty list if she didn’t straighten up! and, being lily-the-skeptic, she didn’t believe. until we went to walmart on sunday and found this:Imagine…Santa shopping at the walmark (i don’t know why i always say this; must have been some slip up one of my students did once!). anyway, lily was nothing but surprised, for we had just two minutes earlier been taking pics on a bench in the photo department (and, she’d stolen the bear from the bench):

Santa’s coolness surprised me (lily & i actually almost ran him over when we turned the corner looking for earbuds!), and he asked lily if she wanted to come take a picture with him. she did, of course, until it came time to sit on the bench. she absolutely wouldn’t let me go, so i had to sit with them (and it would have been fine IF i had put on make-up! but who knew santa would be shopping on his day off????)

the “ho-ho-ho” man asked lily what she wanted, and she said the most amazing thing ever: “stuff”!! haha….the dude actually ho-ho-ho-ed and cracked me up. then i told lily to tell santa she had received his letter about the naughty list, and this dude picked right up on what he needed to say! he told her he would watch her closely over the next few weeks, blah, blah, blah….i was totally entranced by his ability to relate to her and get her cooperation in not being “naughty.” now, all she does is ask me if santa can see “this” (whatever “this” happens to be at the time.) hilarious!

why am i blogging about something that happened on sunday? because the blasted radio station i listen to had santa “call” a kid this morning and tell him to stop talking ugly in preschool and to his mom, and pick up his toys, and be kind to others. and i had JUST dropped lily off at preschool, and she didn’t get to hear that! man! i needed just a little more back-up, so she will think the dude in the red suit is everywhere! haha….and, because i’m missing the jakester, who’s finishing up his first semester of college–and who ALWAYS believed in the magic of santa claus! i remember how eager he was every year to make his list, take pics, and put up the christmas tree. but, his teenage years took all that magic away (if you know the book, the polar express, you know he can’t hear the bell ringing anymore!). i miss the little boy, and hope that he’s able to find that side of himself again and embrace how wonderful he really is.

my sister always tells me  i’m being ugly by promoting this santa idea, but i say hogwash. all i believe “santa” represents is kindness and thinking about others before yourself. so, as one step, lily and i are going shopping for a needy child today (well, actually, two of them). and then we’ll skype jake tonight and show him our wares!

wish us luck.