my sophomore honors english students have officially followed me into the digital age. after attending two techy workshops in november, i suddenly realized how much technology i actually use, and feel comfortable with, and how much my students are clueless about. so, i decided to do something about it! our school system has a new platform that gives each student an email account and web space–that includes a personalized blog space. we tried it out yesterday and have two blog posts under our belts! yea!!

for the most part, each student had to learn on his/her own–which made the last two days incredibly fun (even though we all complained about the wireless connections and the too small screens on the mini-laptops). i only had 11 computers to share among 20 students, and 4 of them were working on nanowrimo stories–but somehow, everyone was able to get their blogs set up and post. today, we worked out the bugs for adding each other on blog rolls. and, one student came to tell me at the end of class that he’d inserted a picture into his post today–something i wasn’t going to tackle until next week. but, now he can be the expert and teach that part!!

i’m totally excited about this phase in our class–which of course happens toward the end of our time when we are working together and ideas are flowing and they are out the door!! oh well…this group was my experiment, i suppose. i’m hoping that we can “slice” during december, and they will keep it going even after our time together has ended.

now back to the real world of composition students who need to be prodded and poked and shocked with those dog training collars! haha (i’m totally joking…i don’t have a class set of those yet! 😉