so, i’m reading twitter all day (in order to avoid writing for national novel writing month and checking gross essays) when i came upon an op-ed in the washington post, titled (or is it entitled?)   “Why teaching experience really matters.” some education guru named dianne ravitch has been carrying on and on about teacher quality, merit pay, and “standards” (you can read her twitter feed here: @DianeRavitch). i think she was on the No Child Left Behind fiasco but has since renounced her involvement or changed her tune or seen the light (pick your own metaphor for that particular legislative disaster).

anyway, it seems the entire academic community has gone chick-batty; my poor principal who i spoke of so harshly yesterday is only reflecting what noneducators think: anyone can teach! i find that extremely sad. i don’t think anyone can be a police officer–you have to want to hang out with criminals and shoot guns–or have kick-ass mustaches!! (shut up and go watch “the good guys“!!)

i don’t think just anyone can be a firefighter or preacher or nurse. i don’t even think just anyone can be a brain surgeon–with one exception, of course….(btw…this scene is a little raw; don’t watch if you get offended easily… i picked this particular one to tie my theme together…hopefully it will make sense in a minute!)

anyway, my point for all of this “cooler than me” crap is just to point out that being a teacher isn’t like any other sort of job. a teacher represents many other roles in a person’s life–from mentor to pure hatred — that i have to wonder if the people who are complaining the loudest aren’t the “failed” teachers. or maybe they are the ones who couldn’t be the teacher’s pet. or, just maybe, they are carrying the wicked witch of the west’s grudge: “i’ll get you, my pretty!” they got mad at a teacher (or, omg, maybe one or both of their parents were teachers!), and decided that when they “made it big” they’d get back at all the people who made them feel small. everyone had a teacher who did that to them; i think it’s a rite of passage!

but everyone’s had that one teacher–the one who stayed late for tutoring or an impromptu counseling session; the one who made a difficult topic come to life; the one who got you hooked on a book or author; the one whose life and temperament you vowed to imitate–who is forever ingrained in your mind and heart. that one you shouldn’t have taken for granted. that’s the one who’s being hurt by all these idiotic mandates and calls for inexperience  over experience in the classroom. he’s the one whose reputation is being attacked when our superintendents give speeches saying a “teach for america” kid with five weeks of training is better equipped for classroom instruction than a college graduate who actually MAJORED in education. that one teacher, she goes home daily, drained of all energy from coaxing, nurturing, nagging, and cajoling 90 or 100 kids, only to watch the evening news/read the daily newspaper and see that all that time, money, and effort to earn a master’s degree in her field was wasted–because the “education leaders” say that advanced degrees do not an effective teacher make.

well, let me end my second day of tirades with this little titty i mean, ditty…i would give ANYTHING if just one of the foolish idiots who think they can do my job better had been in my classroom yesterday afternoon around 2:00. i would have LOVED to have seen how he handled (the perpetrators do seem to be all male–except for that crazy chick in washington, d.c.) my teenage student who i caught looking at a porn site when he was supposed to be writing an essay–ON THE DEFINITION OF HONOR!! hahahahahahahahahahaha…..

there….that’s the last of my rants for a while, i hope . and for the dudes who read my posts…the boobage footage above was the present. it was american education week, were you good to a teacher? if not, find one and play nice….or you may suffer sid’s fate (check out 2:40 — 5:15):

(okay, now that i’ve inserted this video, i just got the best idea for my post tomorrow–unless the cowboys win!! haha…)