so my friend somer is trying to impress our cute assistant principal who’s coming to observer her this week. she calls me in a tizzy because she wants to use glogster and we have to figure it out together….technically, she was supposed to have played with the program over the weekend, but she’s worse than the stinky kids in NOT doing her homework!! haha….

here’s the one i made for practice (psst…click on the pic for a sweet surprise!!):

i’m not sure that the loveliness that IS my gloggy poster actually comes through on wordpress….i think i’m tired of not being able to embed pics & video as easily as some other blogging formats are allowed to do. however, i seriously appreciate the “free-ness” of wordpress, so i’m not technically complaining!! haha…this glogster stuff reminds me of what i want to do creatively–keep an art journal. some book i read or presenter at a workshop called it something else, but i can’t remember now what….technically, i suppose you could make this collage rather than “blog” (i.e. WRITE) about your day…but who’d want to do that? haha….

anyway, the lesson plan for this week totally ROCKS!!!! you should wish you could be there, too, and make your own poster. oh…what am i saying? of course you can make your own. just go to GLOGSTER!! 😉