i haven’t done one of these in a while. Enjoy and laugh at my expense–please!! haha…

(1) if i had a million dollars (bare naked ladies): i love this song because who doesn’t want a million dollars?? and, a few weeks ago, i heard on NPR a rich chick saying that a million dollars doesn’t go as far as it used to. hmmm…seriously??? anyway, i’m choosing this song today because i got an email from the student loan people that my deferment is ending! right before christmas–YAY!!! haha…so, IF i had a million dollars, i’d pay them back…but not in real money; maybe i’d use love–haha.

(2) hot in the city (billy idol): okay i know this probably tells some horrible story of steamy romance, but they turned the heat on at school yesterday, and, well, IT’S FLIPPING SCORCHING NOW!!!

(3) i’m in a hurry (alabama): i seem to always be hurrying: to work because i’m always late; to get lesson plans done; to have my students finish assignments; to get to friday so i can read or relax or whatever i do when i’m not working. today i had several students stop by during my planning and during class changes, and i just didn’t feel like i had time to talk to them. looking back at the day now, i feel horrible. i need to remember that it’s these little times with my students, with my family, that make the difference–NOT if we got to that immaculate lesson on active verbs or cleaned up the barbies!!(Yea! another excuse NOT to clean up!! haha…)

(4) superman–it’s not easy to be me (five for fighting): my english honors students chose to learn about heroes and the hero’s journey. yesterday and today, they’ve had to draw their own super hero and write about their own super powers. while we took notes on the elements of the hero’s journey, i kept trying to get them to see they are on their own journey–it’s always a fun unit to teach because the students always seem to be surprised that they could be a “hero”–but they are. sometimes just getting out of bed and making it through the day makes them a hero!

(5) where is the love? (the black-eyed peas): my composition students are writing essays on injustices. i used this as a quickwrite today and asked them to personalize injustices they see. many of them wrote about kids that are hungry and homeless, and all the poverty in the world when we (americans) have so much. i was very impressed with one of the groups–they were all about “teen” issues: abusive parents, teen suicide, bullying, and no medical insurance. i hope they take this passion into their essay writing!!

(6) ain’t no rest for the wicked (cage the elephant): i had to leave early yesterday because lily-bell got sick. i wrote my plans on the board, and the lady who substituted for me had been working since 7:45–the principal made her work during the planning period. my last period students were SOOOOO bad to her, i could not even comprehend it! they haven’t been this bad since the beginning of the semester! their punishment is time-out until thanksgiving (no one leaves, daily homework, me being generally mean and grumpy, etc.). i told them how embarrassed i was when i read the sub’s note, and that now i know they are just a bunch of liars. is it wrong for me to have called them a gaggle of inbred monkeys? well, if you think it was, don’t tell me today–i’m still too mad!! haha…but, they have shown me that there is DEFINITELY no rest from their wickedness.

(7) dancing queen (abba): lily’s favorite movie lately is mama mia, and she goes crazy when she listens to my iPod and hears “dancing quee”n or “honey, honey”. right now, she’s dancing around the room, singing to herself and her barbies. it’s times like this that all the mean meanies from the day just fade–and i can just watch her and laugh and be filled with wonder again. when i think about jake and lily, those are the times that are most important. all this other stuff becomes gravel on my path. sometimes the gravel is smooth, and i can get home quickly; other days, like today, there are too many rocks, and i’m slowed down. but then lily starts dancing or jake calls (okay, he texts!) and all is right with the world!!