i’ve been burning up I-85 since august thanks to jake’s attendance at east carolina. five or six hours in the car, and ending up no where fun, gives a girl time to do much more thinking than she should EVER be allowed!! here’s my thinking i did today…for the last several years, i’ve wanted to rent an RV and go highway-sailing across america. this year, jake, lily, and i were supposed to take the year off and have ourselves an adventure. unfortunately, kev hasn’t become independently wealthy, and i haven’t finished a book that would most certainly provide an advance in the gazillion-dollar range! (okay, i haven’t won the lottery, either, so that’s the real reason!!). anyway, since the time i made my decision that i want an RV road trip, robin williams did a movie called, ironically, RV; john travoltra and tim allen did a movie called wild hogs; and all the old people in america now have an RV. how do i know this? well, i pass them on the highway. my adventure calls me, yet i can’t answer. how sad is that????

today, while i’m minding my own beeswax, inside my own head, EVERYBODY had a freaking RV!! here’s a pic of just one of the trillion i saw: 

i know, i know….”you were camera-creeping, steph…and that’s not nice!” well, i couldn’t help it. i needed to document my sadness somehow. i’m stuck at a podunk school (even though i should be “thankful” that i’m working) in a podunk town (at least it’s not gilkey) living a podunk life (in the grand scheme of things, it’s okay….just boring).

i absolutely need some adventure. i’ve already posted about needing a creepy hobby and making up stories when someone asks me how life is. but i’m seriously bummed! i feel bad that i’m not content with the life i have; as if i’m not thankful even though i really am. but there just seems to be something freeing about driving your hotel down the highway. hooking your sh**ter up to the local fire hydrant or emptying it into a neighborhood drain! i’m most likely romaticizing something i’d be making kev do (all the heavy lifting), but it’d just be too much fun!! we could stop in towns and get day jobs at restaurants to fund us to the next cool town or scene. we could be total road junkies for the next bon jovi tour. we could drive each other crazy singing stupid road songs or playing stupid highway bingo games. or, i suppose, just drive each other crazy!! haha..

one thing i promise NOT to do is buy a vanity plate the same color as my car and hang jewelry on the rearview mirror!! no camera-creeping pic to go with this, but trust me, the chick whose mercedes was an exquisite pearl color did NOT need her license plate to SAY pearl NOR did she need the strand of pearls hanging off the mirror!! stuff like that just pisses me off and brings up my jealousy. i swear, if people wouldn’t flaunt their money and adventures in my face, i wouldn’t have so much trouble keeping my tragic flaw repressed!! haha!!