okay…so here’s my lesson plans for the week: zombies! my students have been writing memoirs, but they won’t finish them. there’s no uumph, and i’m seriously bored reading most of them. i got this great idea at one of the workshop sessions i went to this weekend when the presenter was talking about the common craft how-to videos, and that they’d done one on zombies. so, i’m  going to have my students insert at least one zombie into their story–a DEFINITE source of conflict, and an element of writing that they have all been missing! i’m not planning on mandating the outcome (you, as the main character, have to figure out how to survive)….but they have to work that out for themselves. i have at least one video for them to watch and take notes, then they’re going to have to do a little more research on the history of zombies, how to insert a zombie in their story, and whether their writing will be horror or comedy–so they will have to think more about word choice. one of the websites i think i might use is cuppacafe that has a ton of zombie “stories” — at least they would have some example of how to turn the everyday events in our lives into a zombie invasion!! that’s genre study, isn’t it?? 🙂

i just seriously hope the site’s not blocked at school…i’ll have to check tomorrow on the work day; if it’s blocked, i’ll print the stories at home.

anyway, here’s the video i’m using:

i just can’t decide how to have them publish their stories….a class wiki? that would be fun because everyone’s stories would be collected in one spot. photostory? yeah, but would that not negate the reason i wanted them to revise their writing? glogster or prezi? prezi might be better because they could add pictures — don’t know about music– and have to sequence the playback….hmmm….something else i’ll have to figure out!!

okay….here are the other links i think i might need for my lesson on tuesday

(1) what movies would be better with zombies?

(2) excuse me, miss…

(3) the zombies ruined my skinny jeans: this one will be way fun because it’s short; it should give the students the idea that zombies can just be a nuisance, or a total killing army! haha…

(4) writers on writing zombie fiction: i like this one because actual authors talk about how they wrote zombies into their stories.

(5) how to make a zombie

(6) another how-to draw zombies

(7) yet another how-to draw — i like this one because of the descriptions the artist uses.

(8) words associated with zombie stories

so, i’ll post my lesson plans and student samples once i figure out how i’m going to have them publish their stories….wish me luck!