i hate having something due and not being able to get the first sentence written. if i could just get someone else to write a bunch of first sentences, i could totally write the rest of whatever it is i’m trying to write!! okay, well, this is what my students tell me, at least!

them: mrs. mccabe, just tell me what to say and then i can do the rest!

me: poor little kids…i’m not you. i don’t know what thoughts are in your head!

we all know this is a lie. i know what they are thinking: “don’t make me think–don’t make me do the hard stuff”!!!! haha….

anyway, now that the first line charged out of my brain and onto the computer screen, here’s my SOLS for today:

13 inspirations

1. skype — so i can see baby jake’s sweet, handsome face even when he’s a million miles away at college.

2. my 14-year-old dog, petunia’s desire to show me how young she really is by continuing to jump on the furniture rather than lay on her comfy bed on the floor.

3. kevin works hard even when he throws out his back again and will probably need surgery for the 3rd time!

4. the following tv shows for making me happy: the office, glee, raising hope, no ordinary family,  & community

5. lily’s way of singing through her play time and all her troubles.

6. the hanging basket of petunias and the rose bush in the bucket near my front porch that haven’t died yet–even though i keep trying to kill them! haha!!

7. my 4th period students who beg for “just ten more minutes” of independent reading time!!!! (in the last 2 weeks, they’ve asked almost every day; most days they end up reading a minimum of 20 minutes and on two days, have read the entire 90-minute period!!)

8. spiders that build huge webs from my front porch to the bushes…i just wish one of them would learn to spell!!! haha….

9. preschool teachers who can smile at me when i pick lily up at 3:45. i mean, if you spend all day with little kids who still need you to wipe their tushies, you’ve GOT to be a saint!!

10. my brother-in-law who single-handedly keeps the ’80s alive!! and, is the best drummer around!

11. paula, my sister–because she always sends  me the most hilariously stupid texts in the world….and, because she’s always wanted a stripper for her birthday, well, i found the perfect one –>

12. the most aggravating dog in the world, ginger–a jack russel terrier. she had an unfortunate accident last year (and totally ruined my beach vacation plans), but has made a most remarkable recovery: learning to walk again. even though she now walks like a crab…:)

13. authors like sarah dessen, john greene, laurie halse anderson, and suzanne collins who write books that help my students know they are not the only ones who have problems, and that they, too, can overcome the rough patches in their lives. my personal literary hero (okay, it’s a total crush!) is pat conroy because he is the one who taught me that in college (i probably knew this from other authors i read in school, but he’s the one who brought this realization to light.

i hope i’ve inspired you to pen your own inspirations!!