i’m writing this post while watching the vikings/jets game, but it’s what has to happen. i didn’t realize it until this morning when i told my first class that i’d cried all day sunday because my favorite teams are having such bad years. the cowboys–who’ve i’ve loved since roger staubach days–are having one of their worst years EVER (and tony romo isn’t even dating jessica simpson anymore!); brett favre is being investigated for sending dirty messages to some chick when he played for the jets, and the panthers are just….lost. so one of my students said something that sounded like “breaking up with football” this morning, and it just registered as true. this is a year where it doesn’t really matter about the end (the super bowl) because i’m not going to have any stake in it. the only bright spot is my boyfriend-coach of the jacksonville jaguars has coached his team to a 3-2 record–that’s a decent stat for a team that doesn’t normally register on anyone’s radar. maybe they’ll be a break-out team this year….shut up! it could happen!!

but the biggest reason i think i have to break up with football concerns the too much attention many people give to the players. after the panthers’ spanking on sunday, i listened to the local talk radio station, and the folks who called in were just horrid in their assessments and criticisms of the panthers’ players. and, i’ve already talked about the ace & tj show dude who lost his part-time job because he believed in the team so much. we hold these people up to impossibly high standards, even though we know they are going to disappoint us. we overpay for tickets and food at the stadium (not to mention tail-gating before the game). we get upset whenever our team doesn’t perform to high, winning standards. but if you’re going to support a team, you have to do it in the bad times even more so than the good times!

the whole idea of holding an athlete up to hero status is not new; the ancient greeks probably started it! but how can we really think they are any different than we are as just average folks? aren’t they, for the most part, just little boys who haven’t grown up? who want to stay out later than mommy said they should? of course they have bad behavior on the field, in the locker room, in their private lives. i mean, they are surrounded by people who want to keep their jobs, so they tell the athlete what he wants to hear, not the truth, not what’s going to help keep them out of trouble and out of hell’s level 2 or 3 (lust and greed, respectively).

so, i have to break up with football because, even though my favorite thing to do is spend a weekend (plus monday) taking in as many games as possible; even though i miss having to go to high school games on friday nights; even though i love it when the old guys (brett) get the best of the young guys. there’s no reason that i should be upset that a team can’t get it together. after all, if the gods are watching, they are picking the winners, right???

but, it is exciting that i got to see brett favre throw his 500th, 501st & 502nd touchdown pass!!

which doesn’t matter a hill-a-beans when he ALSO throws 3 freaking interceptions to help the jets stomp the vikings!! man, football is a VERY BAD boyfriend!! i need to go to church–when’s the next baseball game??? haha….