today is a horrible day for carolina panther and radio show “ace & tj” fans….one of the part-time dj/producer people made a very stupid bet about 5 weeks ago saying that he was so confident that the panthers would not go 5-0 that he bet his job on it. ace & tj took him up on his “knowledge” and every week, the radio show has updated their fans/listeners. well, today, 10/10/2010, is a grueling whooping of the young panthers’ team. and poor shadow (the dumb dude) has apparently had his last day of work last friday!! as of now in the 2nd quarter, it’s chicago 17, panthers 3. chicago is undefeated.

i can’t watch!!! 

poor shadow! but this is a real world example of how NOT to keep your job. or hold your “heroes” up to too high of a standard….maybe it will work out, though.