this info came from the writer’s almanac that garrison keillor does. read it & weep!!

On this day in 1707, Irish writer Richard Steele  sat in St. James Coffee House in London and wrote a love letter to Mary Scurlock, whom he wanted to marry.

“Madam — It is the hardest thing in the world to be in love, and yet attend to business. As for me, all who speak to me do find out, and I must lock myself up, or other people will do it for me.

“A gentleman asked me this morning, ‘What news from Lisbon?’ and I answered, ‘She is exquisitely handsome.’ Another desired to know ‘when I had been last at Hampton Court?’ I replied, ‘It will be on Tuesday come se’nnight.’ Pr’ythee allow me at least to kiss your hand before that day, that my mind may be in some composure. O love!

“A thousand torments dwell about thee,

Yet who would live, to live without thee?”

They got married later in 1707. It was an extraordinarily happy and close companionship, and the couple stayed married until her death in 1718. During their relationship, Richard Steele wrote her more than 400 letters. During that time, he also co-founded The Spectator magazine along with Joseph Addison. Steele once wrote in The Spectator: “Of all the affections which attend human life, the love of glory is the most ardent.”

there has to be a romantic story written about this! i just want to say that I WANT 400 LOVE LETTERS!!!!!!!