it has not escaped my ironic view of the world that my life has two distinctive phases: the jakester leaves for college on august 19; lily, of course, is just starting her school experiences. how does a mama cope with this sort of weirdness? well, she deals with it one step at a time. so….today was lilybell’s first day in preschool.

it was difficult to get her up this morning (one big reason was my sister was here, and lily loves to become a total infant-whiny-behind when she’s around–haha!). but i didn’t want to get up either…i am nowhere near ready for a new school year! but, we got out of the house in a semblance of being on time  — if you call getting to school at 9:00 “on time”! i was going to pick her up around 11:00, just to ease her into being in a new place and in a new routine (namely NOT watching spongebob for a gazillion hours a day!). the teacher wanted her to stay long enough to have lunch–plus, she seemed to really want me to just leave lily! it was almost like, who needs the easing in??

i picked her up around 11:30, but she was already asleep–down f0r a nap! her teacher, miss april, said just leave her and come back around 2:00. lily had played for the last couple of hours, and read a couple of books to her new babies (some girls she was playing house with–although i’m not sure why she had to be the mom; kev says it’s because she has to be in charge!); and, she had had lunch. of course she was exhausted! but, when i turned to go, lily woke up and said,  “mommy, is it time to go home?” i brought her with me, and we went for ice cream–because if there’s one thing i’ve learned from harry potter, it’s that sweets get rid of ALL your anxiety! hahahahaha…

lily had a great morning, and there wasn’t any reason for me to have worried. of course there wouldn’t have been; she’s a people person after she gets warmed up. jake was, too, until he learned how to hide out in the bathroom when he gets nervous! so, i have to keep my perspective when i take jake to college. it’s sort of the same thing, right? i have to take him somewhere new and drop him off with people who may or may not be nice to him, and he has to figure out how to navigate this newness.

and stay out of the bathroom!