as part of the read-a-thon (that starts tomorrow, by the way!), a blogger is having a book giveaway contest….just follow the link to the prairie library blog or the summer giveaway pic in the sidebar…..i haven’t read any of the books yet, and mockingjay hasn’t been released yet. but i can’t WAIT until the final installment of the hunger games series. I LOVE THESE BOOKS, and i’m probably not supposed to since i’m too old for the demographic….who cares, right?? anyway, i’ve described the hunger games series as the quest in harry potter meets the love triangle of twilight….so what i’m more than a little worried about is a death in one of the main characters of hunger games!

please think positively that my fear will NOT come to fruition!!

anyway, please, please, please read the current printz award-winning going bovine!!!! you will not be disappointed!