so i’m doing something more stupid than normal….blame it on this massive migraine i have about going back to work in less than a month!!! anyway, i’ve signed up to do a read-a-thon this weekend….got a list of books a mile long that i have to read!! can i do it?

here’s my list: duel — by richard matheson

the particular sadness of lemon cake— amie bender

incantation — alice hoffman

i think i start on friday and am supposed to try to get through these books by sunday night. so, no calling or texting. i’ll be way too busy reading (okay, not that anyone actually reads this anyway. i’m just saying. and how do i know if you’re reading? you never write a comment…how sad for the little blog!!)

i’m supposed to post updates over the weekend, so check back!! feel free to join my on my quest. just follow the link on the right that says “read-a-thon.” and, hey, if you’re joining my because you, too, promise to make time to read this weekend, comment me and tell me what you’re gonna read. make me add to my list of stuff i need to read. i especially need some nonfiction ideas, just in case anybody’s listening!!