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The Good Witch Throws in Her Wand

In her fifties Glenda grows tired
of being good, doing the right thing,
of waving that magic wand
to fix and reverse destruction and doom.
She travels through Florida on a Harley,
bar-hopping, dancing through popular
clubs, slurping Jell-o shots off tan, flat stomachs
of college boys. She rips her glittery gown into shreds,
tossing the garment into the moon’s ocean reflection.
On a shopping spree with stolen credit
cards, she purchases stilettos, leather miniskirts,
red halter-tops sequined with Sexy Witch.
In the end Glenda is penniless and sickly
passing time in a trailer park in Panama City,
nothing to show but bruises, drunken photos,
a decade of wild-seed memories supplanting her good deeds.

Maureen Sherbondy