why can i not be more like lily? even little moments can be a moment to make it into a song…”my little baby poo i’m so glad to be married to you my flower…”

the words don’t have to make sense. it’s just the rhythm and expression of emotion.

“my honey honey you make me sad but i love you my honey honey” — what unconditional love her barbies have for one another!

if all the little things in life could just be a song, wouldn’t the world be a grander place? a little more cuckoo, maybe…or exasperating (she loves donald duck!!). but going through life being able to describe your feelings with a song could be so cathartic!

i mean, really–isn’t that why glee has become such a hit? (haha…lily’s playing now, and just said: “i don’t speak mask” !!! i have no earthly idea what that means, but it is SOOOOOO funny!!). anyway, not just glee, but also wicked–or grease!–or rent!!–or whatever other musical you might like (mary poppins, anyone? how about rocky horror picture show??) the point is, the songs we  have in our heads say a lot about us.

lily’s songs are a little different. she’s singing to the top of her lungs….about love and how much she loves and how she thinks her barbies feel about one another (and, thus, how she feels about the people she’s around). if i could be mad at someone and yell a song at him/her, would that person be more receptive to my words? if i’m feeling loving feelings to someone, or frustration, or anxiety….insert your emotion here….if i break out into some sort of vocal weirdness, could that heal a relationship? help me break down barriers?

get me through moving jake to college? (**sniff, sniff**!!)

(haha…okay, now she’s fighting with jake because he “hurt” her…and she just yelled that he was fired–“you’re so mean to me, jake!” uh-oh….she just fired her dad, now because he’s helping jake with some college stuff and he told her to go out of the room!!)

anyway, just a thought about the music. she’s actually got me doing the singing, too…sometimes i just burst into song about how much she smells like summer or how much i totally enjoy her or how hard i’m gonna beat her because she won’t stop talking and go to sleep!! haha…..

i took this video of her the other day….it’s a little hard to hear, but you’ll get the gist of my sweetie. i dread sending her to school–they will take all this creativity away and make it like it never existed! oh well….that’s another post for another day. at least i can document this here….

P.S….she just asked me if i thought she was rusty!!! OMG…isn’t language grand???