here’s a poem for today:

When the Horses Gallop Away from Us, It’s a Good Thing

by Charles Wright

I always find it strange—though I shouldn’t—how creatures don’t
care for us the way we care for them.
Horses, for instance, and chipmunks, and any bird you’d name.
Empathy’s only a one-way street.

And that’s all right, I’ve come to believe.
It sets us up for ultimate things,
and penultimate ones as well.
It’s a good lesson to have in your pocket when the Call comes to

i’m so totally into this because (1) horses are fickle; (2) ants are just too busy for their own good–they remind me of kev with his freaking ADD complex!; and, (3) i HATE birds!!

and animals always look at you like they know something about the universe that you, as a lowly human, just aren’t ready to comprehend. the two mongrels who take up space in my house bark when the wind blows–but the bark means they “hear” something unhearable to mere mortals (ummm…..yes, i KNOW i just made up a word!!).  i yell “shut up” and the oldest mutt growls, seemingly to tell me i should leave well enough alone…that they know more about life than i do.

i don’t get it!

delving a little deeper, though, the poem’s about death (the penultimate “Call”)….what a GREAT poem for a friday!! hahaha……