today is jake’s orientation at ecu. a much anticipated event by me; not so much by him, i don’t think. here’s a pic of my baby at the start of the morning’s festivities:

it is evident that: (1) he didn’t know i was snapping his pic–if he finds out, he’ll be pissed! and, (2) he’s obviously not engaged in the quite entertaining lessons on how to be a pirate—did i hear an “AAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!????

today was extremely too busy of a schedule. we’ve been at this since 8:00 this morning–walking back and forth across the campus. one would think that  the “sessions” would be in just a few buildings. or at least they would provide the parents with the cute new air-conditioned golf carts!! haha…. but on the ecu campus, air conditioning is a luxury, not a right, apparently. the cheery chick who led the campus tour today gave us some needed advice (now say this in as southern an accent as possible): “ya’ll know it’s goin’ ta be veeeery hot today, so be shorah and drink lots an’ lots of watah during the day. we don’t wan’ ya’ll to have a heat stroke. but ya’ll students, well, ya’ll just need to grin and baare it ’cause hit’ll be hot like ‘is ’til novembah!” — haha…..

yes, i made jake do the WALKING tour instead of the air conditioned bus tour. i thought he might wake up a little and learn the names of buildings and try to talk to some people. he didn’t, though.

i cried when he left with his orientation group. i cried when the very funny parent-session speaker told the parents to let our students make their own way. i cried at the next parent meeting when the people said they wanted their kids to leave college with a “sense of self; responsibility; gratitude; independence; problem-solving skills; perseverance, and resiliency.” i think i cried because i’m still looking for those things in my own life–haha!

so anyway, it was SCORCHINGLY HOT today–my hair fell flat at the mere mention of going outside, so it’s been in a freaking ponytail all day. i have blisters on each of my freaking big toes, but i don’t think any shoe i would have chosen would have left me blister-free. my entire clothing ensemble has been wet since 11:00 this morning, and i’m pretty sure my deodarant ran out soon after. i couldn’t even get my cougar on and flirt with some cute fraternity dudes tonight–i was too fearful that that nasty stank was me, not one of them!! haha….

jake asked me around 3:00 if he couldn’t just go back to his dorm room, be by himself, and take a nap (he’s staying in the dorm tonight to get a little taste of dorm life). i told him no, of course–that’s his M.O to just go off alone and try to pretend he’s not uncomfortable. this is also why he struggles so trying to form new friendships. but after dinner, we went to the student rec center to find some clubs/organizations that he might like to join and OMG what a CHANGE!!!! he became MY jake–the one i got to see at school who was friendly and interested and sociable. he signed up for a young life program, 2 frats (where i met my boytoy), the student government, and some health club.

here’s a pic of a much more relaxed jake:

now that i look at it, maybe he’s not quite as relaxed as he actually was. i mean, the chick is trying to see how his blood pressure was and all….once again, if he knew i snapped this pic, he’d be mad, so sssshhhhh!!!

i left him pretty much after this. i needed to spend an hour wringing the water out of my clothes, and he had a hypnotist to see. i’m sitting here now at almost midnight wondering if he’s okay. did he find someone to hang out with? was he able to go to that frat house like he was invited to do? is he in the dorm yet? did he remember to set his alarm for 6:30? will he get up on time tomorrow to check out of the dorm, get some breakfast, and get to his placement test by 8:00??? so many questions, but i’m not texting. i’m pretty proud of myself for letting him be on his own most of the day–until this afternoon when i knew he’d had enough and needed some mommy-time. but i’ve left him alone tonight. it’s totally killing me, but i’ve done it.

now, if i could only figure out how to carry an air conditioner with me on my walking trek tomorrow, maybe life would be practically good! ha!!! damn! it’s freaking HOT here!!!!!