because i want to try something new, fridays are poetry day. i think i was supposed to start this last week–i have a saved draft, but for some reason didn’t post it–will take care of that maybe later on tonight…

anyway, here’s the poem i found for this week, courtesy of the writer’s almanac site that garrison keillor does….

The Reunion

by Jack Ridl

The last time I saw them we were young.
Ginny was a cheerleader. Ben was getting
A’s in trig. Tonight we glance at nametags.

Around the cheese tray we say, “Of course
I remember you.” “Yes, four years ago.
Things are better now.” “No, she never
graduated, moved. I don’t know where.”

We look good. The food is just fine. The music
brings it all back and we dance the latest steps
across our brain’s prom floor. It’s all the same.

And nothing is. We’re still dumb kids, just gray
and tame. If we had to do it again, we’d get it
right. Some are sure they got it right the first

time. They ask for another Manhattan, dry
martini, scotch on the rocks. They glisten
in their tans. They watch the rest of us,

the ones with comb-overs, two divorces,
the ones who look for lower gas prices,
a good night’s sleep, group tours.

is this not great??? exactly how i’d feel if i ever went to a high school reunion–and sometimes how i feel when i see people i used to know or should know on facebook. do we ever really grow up? or are we just grayer versions of ourselves?

the books i’ve been reading this summer have been on the morbid side–most of them have been about teenagers dealing with their own demise; questioning what happens after death; wondering whether we’re ruled by fate or free will. these books are written by adults who, one would think, are themselves struggling with these questions through their teen protagonists. of course they are…but, since no one really knows, well….how could the questions really be answered????

but back to the poem….i suppose i really think it means we don’t change other than in years. i certainly don’t feel “29”!! haha….i mean, “29” was seriously old when it happened to my mom. i don’t feel like a horribly different person than the one i was in high school–is that bad? i’m still jealous of people who get to have their wonderful lives with not much stress. i still dream of having a glamorous life, being famous, or loved by someone famous (don’t think my long-standing love affair with tom cruise counts!). i still wonder what happened to friends i’ve lost to time and distance.

does that make me a horrible person?

anyway, just to make things interesting…here’s a video to remind me of the poem….