i love the song id on my cell phone…and i love when i’m in a store like hot topic that if i hear a song i think i like that all i have to do is push the “id” button, hold my phone up toward where i think the speaker is, and the program figures out what the freaking song is…that is so wicked cool!!!! these are the last 4 songs i’ve used the id for…enjoy!

well, i wasn’t in hot topic for this song, but the grocery store….and, well, i just love it!!

and for this one…well, it must be the freaking beard for her, but i love the idea of a love being a drug….haha….

colbie caillat’s song is full of regret….isn’t everyone’s song about regret in some way or another?

lastly…i can’t find the “official” video, but this one has the lyrics. i fell in love with secondhand serenade last year. this is off their new album…