well, the big day has arrived and quickly gone: jake graduated from high school yesterday (saturday, june 12). he’s officially, sort of, an adult–although i specifically remember telling him this afternoon that since he hasn’t started college yet, and i still own him, that i didn’t want him to take the car to hickory. that might have been a little rude, huh?? haha….

i cannot believe that my kid is finished with high school and soon will leave for a college 5 hours away. where has the time gone? what have i missed seeing, doing, or being with him? this morning, i started watching the movie, hook, with lily–the one about peter pan all grown up–and i just started crying my eyes out! it’s like i held it together during graduation yesterday, but today, couldn’t even watch a movie i have seen countless times because the main character chose work over being with his kids. while i’m sure i’ve chosen work over jake at times, however, i think he’d say that i’ve been with him enough (okay, probably too much…haha…)

here’s the video montage of the day–my camera work absolutely sux, but i’m pretending it was the equipment, NOT the operator!! 😉     by the way…listen closely for lily–she keeps screaming jake’s name while he’s in line to get his diploma!! precious!!

i’m wondering what jake is feeling now: relief? scared? anxiety? maybe a combination.i’m also wondering: what if i send him to ecu and he gets homesick, but he’s afraid to tell me and then he drinks himself into one of those stupors and falls down some stairs or runs naked down the street being chased by the cops and his girlfriend who leaves him because he’s being stupid which makes him drink more and keep running from the cops??????

okay…but what if it works out? what if he loves it in greenville because it’s a place he’s going that’s all his–he’ll have to show me around instead of the other way around? what if he gets involved in school in a positive way and finds his niche and graduates and has a good life?

hmmm….i’ll take door number 2, chuck!! 🙂