does love have a limit? should one bend  over backwards for another person just to feel the sunshine for a few more minutes? well, if you are a 4 year-old, the answer is yes and no. if you are an almost-18-year-old, the answer is yes and no. if you’re old like me, the answer is probably no and yes….maybe i’m wrong. happened one other time that’s fresh in my mind–but i digress.

it’s very easy to see that lily’s love has a limit. specifically, if i allow her to roll down the car window on her side and put her face in the wind, she loves me. if, however, i don’t allow her to put her entire upper body out said window, well, then she doesn’t love me, and obviously, i don’t love her. she doesn’t love me if i don’t take her to the library (she has an issue there–what kind of mother am i if i don’t take the kid to the library?); and, she doesn’t love me if i can’t grow flowers or have a watermelon-orange-&-apple-tree-big-blooming-flower garden. and, she doesn’t love me if she only has one wash rag for her bath, so her barbies can have a “pitty dess” (pretty dress)!

jake’s love has limits–probably par for the course as  a teenager. he loves me if i’m always awake in the middle of the night when he creeps in my room with his computer for me to buy a duke championship shirt or shorts from hollister. he doesn’t love me if i ask him to clean up, or stop making lily scream, or expect him to write a thank you note to two people who gave him a graduation gift, OR, watch a certain tv show with me (glee!).

i have different takes on love, though (duh, i’m old!)–take now, for instance…i’m in the midst of watching glee‘s season finale because i LOVE it! and they are singing journey songs (“faithfully”, at the moment)…i’ll have to buy it off iTunes tomorrow–“i’m still yours….faithfully….” –got to love that! maybe i love it because i teach high school and can see so many of the same struggles in my students and the tv show characters. probably doesn’t matter why, just that i do–love glee (singing “don’t stop believin’ “). so where’s the sacrifice? well, lily’s sacrificing the rest of her bath time to dance to this song (’cause her boyfriend is singing!!!); i’m sacrificing finishing a jodi picoult book that i really need to finish by friday.

i had other limit-less love today….i had a student who needed to make up an absence, so i stayed at work until 4:30–while he finished an assignment that he totally lied to  me about this morning. bending over backwards for someone who needs it usually makes me feel like i’m not evil. usually. i had to remember that this afternoon, though, while i was seething at that kid. then i stopped because i remembered that glee came on tonight…haha…

the fact of the matter is, i don’t think love should  have a limit. if you love someone, you shouldn’t put restrictions on it–make another person happy by thinking of him or her rather than only of yourself. nothing wrong with a little sacrifice (unless you’re jake, and just left me because the glee kids were about to sing another song!! haha…)