sometimes there’s a movie that just speaks to ya…for me, one of the best is top gun…tom cruise and i have been together for many years (more than his current wife has been alive, actually–hahaha….). anyway, when he kisses kelly mcginnis after she’s told him she’s fallen for him, i melt! it’s not the best kiss in movie history (no, that would be richard gere in first knight, the king arthur movie, when he kisses the guenevere character!!). but, the tom cruise kiss is a classic, nonetheless…

okay, well, judge for yourself…here’s the top gun kiss (actually, this one isn’t fair, because the only video i could find has the nasty in it…so, if you’re reading this and you’re underage, you should  NOT hit the play button!! haha…)

and here’s the first knight kiss….still sets my heart to fluttering and makes me weak in the knees!!!

so…there. this is how i spent my evening….i’m sure there’s an underlying message somewhere here!! 🙂