so, let’s say that i’m given an airplane ticket and can go anywhere in the world that i want. well, first, i trade the airplane ride for a 6-week cruise…i don’t do planes since they became weapons of mass destruction!!  so, where am i going on this cruise? hmmm….i say the mediterranean. greece, italy, insert-greasy-cool-country here…..i especially want to go to rome and see the sistine chapel!!! that link is for a virtual tour, by the way…it’s way cool, too…it’s almost like being there –oh, EXCEPT I’M NOT!!!

anyway…i’m in love with that part of the world. don’t ask why—it’s probably because i want to be one of the goddesses on mount olympus eating ambrosia and throwing down catastrophes onto unsuspecting humans!! haha…i’m sure something like that might put me on a specific level of hell, but, i don’t care! i want to win a high-dollar jackpot for the lottery so i can pay for jake’s college and then go on this cruise!!! it’s my dream trip–i’m officially putting it on my bucket list…

so, here’s a picture of a Mediterranean cruise path….just, don’t get me started on how i’d get to the boat to begin with…maybe i’d charter a yacht or row a dinghy!! haha..