okay, well yesterday’s post was so much fun, i thought i’d write another one. today as i read the paper, though, i stopped at the bp oil spill and clean-up nonsense. it’s amazing to me that so many gallons of oil are pouring into the ocean and the people who caused it can’t stop it. seriously? you’re in charge of digging a hole further down than people can safely swim, and you don’t think you might need to know what to do in case something goes wrong? is there not a committee that discusses all the possible scenarios and creates a flow chart about how to respond??

anybody tried the redneck solution: duct tape???

at any rate, here’s my found poem for today…

BP Gulf Oil Spill

New setback: Top kill fails.

Readying yet another approach

To fight


Six weeks since the spill—

Company has failed in each attempt.

How much is leaking grows more dire

Worst spill in U.S. history.


“This scares everybody—

We can’t make this well stop flowing—

We haven’t succeeded so far.”

Word that top kill failed hit hard

The fishing community where oil first made landfall:

“Starting to realize the summer’s lost –

Our whole lifestyle might be lost.”