i’m running out of time to write tonight—i’ve crashed all day and done nothing. i really should feel bad about this, but alas, i do not. i think i needed a day (week!!) where i could just veg out and read and not think. today was that day.

so, i read the newspaper and the comics and got a bright idea: i’d write a found poem!! this is so easy, even a caveman could do it!!!! just pick a text and pick out lines you like, and make it look like a poem!! here’s mine for today using the comic strips zits, dilbert, garfield, and b.c.


Suddenly the questions are getting tougher.

What are you doing now?

Don’t ask.

How are you feeling?

Don’t ask.

How’s work?

Don’t ask – I accomplished nothing this week.

What do you do

When the work is too hard?

I try harder.

I decide I’ll persevere!

And then–I bake cookies.