i had to meet with  my freshman group today…and, though i try not to think the same thoughts every time i see them, i did it again…i DON’T like them! i find them rude, obnoxious, bratty know-it-alls. one of the students started arguing about the merits of taking composition before her sophomore english next year! she had the audacity to tell me that her mother would get her out of it. i was rude back and told her that if her mother wanted her to pass the writing test next year so her little baby could take junior english on time, then she’d better be first at the door to get into composition!

who does she think she is?

speaking of difficult groups, though, there are too many honors students in tenth grade. wait, let me rephrase that …there aren’t enough strong guidelines for what constitutes honors vs. regular, therefore, too many students are allowed to sign up for honors english. and nobody notices that they are packed! one of the freshmen today told me that although she had 18 absences, that she had signed up for honors english for next year. i questioned her of course because she is only supposed to be able to make up 3 of those days–her response was that she and the principal had worked out a “deal” and she could still pass and take the honors class…

so basically, honors doesn’t mean anything. i mean, you obviously aren’t going to have to come to class…why do an assignment? and if you sit in class for a semester and do nothing, as the teacher, i have an obligation to make sure you pass. all you have to do is flutter your eyelids, letting me know you’re still alive!

so the difficulty i have in the last three days of the semester is what do i do with these difficult groups? it is only going to get worse, and no strategy is coming to mind…none! i’m supposed to give out awards for my honors class on friday (last day of class for the semester) but how can i when all i’ve done is fuss and nag and be aggravated?  i don’t have awards for them…i have to get their assignment done instead. oh, well, they didn’t need a reward.