jake’s at a concert tonight, so i thought i’d make him a mix-tape — a parting present for him going away to college…

dear jake–i just wanted to give you something to tell you how much you mean to me…please don’t get too awfully mad!




“i knew i loved you before i met you” — savage garden

this one is a no-brainer….mommy’s love the babies before they are born because they’ve spent so much time together!!

“america” –neil diamond

duh!! jake was born on the 4th of july (like almost 3 weeks late because my doctor was a total moronic JERK!!!!). and believe me…after being prego for SOOO long–i was more than a little ready to be “free”!!!

“i will always love you” — whitney houston version

i was still prego with jake when this song came out and listened to it all the time. after he was born, EVERY SINGLE TIME i had vh1 on and he heard this song, he stopped what he was doing (eating, spitting, cooing, yada yada yada) and listened. once he started crawling, he’d speed crawl back to the tv when it came on. made me really know that babies are learning even before they are born!

“i’ve been everywhere” — johnny cash

i’m pretty sure jake feels like this…until he was in 4th grade, i moved him all over the place. after all the places we’ve lived, it really sucks that we ended up in such a podunk town!! haha…

“burnin’ love” — elvis

well, elvis makes me super happy, and i go through stages where he’s all i listen to. this is the song i always try to get jake to sing to –cuz don’t all boys want to be as charismatic and fun and sexy as the E man???? plus, i’ve always told the jakester that he was elvis reincarnated–he had this cute little lip curl like elvis that was so absolutely sweet!

“little lies” — fleetwood mac

technically, i think this song is about a girl who’s significant other is lying to her, but for me, this song shows a particularly rough patch in jake’s and my relationship. for close to two years, all he did was lie to me–about EVERYTHING!! so, i literally had to choose to believe him on certain days–the rest of the days were spent buy new bars of soap so i could wash his mouth out!! haha…..

“waiting for star to fall” — boy meets girl

i love this song for jake because once he started high school, he was big man on campus! he was carefree and laughed easily– i was on the outside just watching my sweet baby grow up into a fine young man. i was even able to stop nagging him to do his homework!!

“alien” — thriving ivory

and then he became this alien creature who i did NOT know!! something was wrong with him practically every day. he either came home and slept or stayed in his room listening to god knows what kind of music or playing video games.  i didn’t think he was ever gonna work out what was bugging him…

“welcome to my life” — simple plan

he was hurt and in the dark for a while…and still feels left out a lot, especially with his friends at school. he’s had some setbacks, and no, i don’t know what it feels like to be him, but i think this song sort of fits all teenagers at one point or another. i’m hoping he’s worked himself out of several of the lyrics of this song…

“hello, goodbye” –the beatles (but i love the glee version today!!)

jake is a strange bird–he doesn’t always do the opposite of what i say, but he usually looks on the negative side of things–he’d ask a girl out, but she’d say no; lily won’t hug him, which means she hates him; he wants bacon, eggs, and grits for breakfast every morning and tries to guilt me into making them!! again, i think this is typical teen behavior so they can begin to find thier own way…i’m trying not to call in the mommy-card and tell him to go to the local community college instead of east carolina, and that is DIFFICULT!!! he’d definitely be say “goodbye” to my “hello”!!

“build me up,   buttercup” — the foundations

okay…i had to put this song in because jake is ALWAYS not home when he says he’ll be!! and of course  most of the time, he doesn’t call me, which sends me into a supermassive black hole!! haha….so, when he leaves for college, i’m sure i’ll be waiting by the phone that won’t ring –he’ll be having too much fun and studying night and day and will forget all about me!! boohoo!!

“slipping through my fingers” — abba (mama mia soundtrack)

at this point, any time jake lets me share even a little part of his life, i am happy. i totally miss him being a little boy, and regret every day the things i wasn’t able to do with him or take him. but i think i did appreciate all of his ages–i might have laughed through some and cried through some, but he knows every day that i love him. it’s just that time goes so fast–i knew college would get here, but i still feel cheated!

“lonely teardrops” — huey lewis version (but i can’t find the video, so this is from a movie — the actor is portraying jackie wilson, the original singer of the song)

okay…this song is a no-brainer, too…i’m taking jake five hours away from me in august–and i know that crying is about all i’m gonna be able to do. i am so proud of him, and so excited for him to be starting on this adventure–but too scared at the same time!!

“you are the sunshine of my life” — stevie wonder

and, finally, this song sort of sums up how wonderful i think jake is–and the joy that he brings to my heart every day…his presence in the world fills me with light, and i am a better person just because he’s mine!