“hey mommy, i gotta dake doke (great joke) for ya!” — these words have become a staple in ye old household lately….lily is so full of herself it’s hilarious. so, i’ve decided to compile all her “dake dokes” so they don’t get lost.

knock, knock…who’s there? cow!!hahahahahaah (notice she doesn’t give you time to say “cow who?”!!

how does a pig and a cow get to the basket? OPEN YOUR MOUTH!!

cindewella, dressed in yella, how many kisses did she get? 1, 2, 3, FOREVER!

how did a towel climb on the bus? COVER YOUR MOUTH!!

how does a penguin waddle? HE’S A TOY, SILLY!

i will call this one the funniest funniest funniest joke EVER: how did a pig climb up a cow? COVER YOUR MOUTH!!

okay…i believe i’ve made my point—the punchline is the same for all the words she puts together as her little eyes scan the room!!

i love how funny she is!!