1. make friends with one coach, the crazy lady, and a custodian

2. stay out of the teacher’s lounge

3. be smarter about technology than the students, but let them think they are helping

4. keep one cigarette in your desk drawer for days you just wished you could!!

5. be the person who has everything: hair spray, band-aids, nail file, feminine products, an extra dollar (or 2)

6. talk about your husband by his nickname

7. don’t be afraid to share your iTunes library–and stand up for your music tastes!

8. keep a picture of the ocean hanging close by for those  pesky stress-filled days

9. make fun of the stupid things the principal says/does–as long as he’s not standing around

10. read out loud, with emotion, and without regard for how silly, childish, or weird you sound

11. throw out the textbook and let them read what makes them happy

12. don’t be afraid to fuss

13. celebrate birthdays!


i wanted  this “poem” to be funny and sarcastic,  but  it didn’t work out that way…i’ll have to edit it!