i screamed at my 4th period class today. screamed. meanly. i told them to shut up. it was partly out of frustration, partly because they were obnoxious, and partly because i have no control over them. there’s too many of them, and i’m overwhelmed. i have 8 more days of hell with them and then i’m free for 2 months and another shitty batch comes in. and i’m really sorry for calling names, but no other profession is subjected to this kind of treatment.

i mean, if you talk over your boss in a meeting or turn in a report in late, you either get written up or fired. in school, though, the person who is supposed to be in charge has absolutely no authority. you can come to class when you want, turn in assignments after the end of the semester, have your parent call the school board and complain about the teacher’s unfairness then the teacher has to explain his/her behavior–not the other way around.

what am i preparing these kids for? i mean really? the next english class? whoever the teacher is will undo all the work i’ve done to make them read. graduation? really? most of them will only make it a semester, maybe a year, at gaston community college. granted, some of the kids i’ve had have come back to tell me they wish they had taken my class more seriously because the community class is kicking their butt…is that success? an i-told-you-so?

we’re still getting drive-bys and it’s the end of the freaking semester…it’s so distracting, i can’t stand it. even if i wanted to teach, i can’t because of the horror that is the drive-by! and the principals can go on and on about how much “data” they have that “proves” the drive bys work…but it’s a bunch of freaking hooey! my students haven’t learned anything at all except exactly how to get on my very last nerve–and they are truly successful! 100% proficient!!!!!!!!