you shouldn’t keep journals; they are bad for a person’s ego. so, i have to totally throw those away. i mean, who needs to read about how bad you felt about yourself at one time (okay, so my bad times lasted for a complete 4 years–or so!). damn! i probably needed some freaking prozac!

so, where am i going with this? well, time is going by fast. i’m getting older –yes, i know, even 29 is on the old side of life!–and, sure, i have a college degree (a couple, actually), but what else? what have i done? after reading my old journals, i have a lot to make up to jake about. we had some rough going for the year kev and i were separated. does he remember?

he’s on his way to graduating from high school then on to college–what’s he gonna remember from his childhood? he hates talking about himself and his “past” which means he must hate me.

there are 2 weeks of instructional time left in this school year–a school year that has  been a roller-coaster–some days good, but mostly just filled  with aggravation. i can’t see anyone growing or getting any better. so…i’m pretty happy about this particular time being over (of course, i think my students will be, too). i don’t even want to give out awards this semester, and probably won’t–i’ll make some excuse about running  out of time. haha!!!

this song is my favorite one to listen to while i write. it’s about losing time, but it also reminds me that i still have time to learn from mistakes…