lily came downstairs a few minutes ago and asked me if i had seen her gold necklace. the one with her heart on it. of course i haven’t seen it–she doesn’t own such a necklace! then she started going  on and on about some door she needed to open so she could get her necklace. she needed a key–not a tool like turner (on the disney show handy manny)–but a real key. a key that opens the secret door. then she said that someone had broken into her house and stolen her necklace, and she just didn’t know who had done that. after playing around in the kitchen and talking on the phone to some unknown person who she was telling the baby wasn’t his (!!! where does she come up with stuff like that, i have no earthly idea!), she came back in the room where i was and said she knew who had stolen her necklace (and this was the best part!!). apparently, her friend she was talking to on the phone told her that a monster with hairy feet came in and stole her necklace. the monster had hairy feet, hairy hands, a hairy back, and fur on its face. i said that sounded a lot like daddy, but she just said, “mommy, you aren’t listening. is daddy a monster? i don’t think so!” !!! 🙂

she has such an imagination, i can barely stand it! and the worst part is when i have to send her to school, she’s going to lose that. the controls that schools have to use will squash her exuberance and love of language and imagination and creativity. she’ll just be an AR machine and start hating to read. all this happened to jake, and it makes me sick.

why does school have to kill the best in people? aren’t teachers supposed to bring out the best in kids? help them find their potential? i dread sending lily to school, seriously.

maybe i’ll win the lottery and be able to stay home with her rather than send her to those old mean biddies who’ll ruin her future!