after the fiasco with the dog  and mother’s day, i’ve added to  my existential angst…it’s as though i have totally lost my joy. i have not thorougly planned the next 3 weeks of school; i got in trouble for not calling one student who had 8 absences; and i have to lay in the bed for hours waiting on lily to go to sleep (if i don’t, she makes a total mess in the room as my punishment–it’s how she lets me know she hates me!)

so, i have to find a way to restore even a little bit of joy…let’s see–what should i be happy about? well, i am pretty sure i have a job next year…the assist principal brought my summative eval for me to sign. that was positive. um…lily had a bath early tonight and we read a few stories–all before 9pm…she is still awake at the moment, but you can’t always get what y0u want. something else? hmmm….ginger wagged her tail at me today when i got h0me from work: that was progress from my poor incapacitated canine.

oh, one more thing: kev hasn’t divorced me yet. positive? i think so. however, the bill for jake’s college tuition hasn’t arrived, so there’s still a chance of me entering old age without a hubby. maybe he won’t leave me, th0ugh. i’m pretty sure it’s nice having me ar0und!! hahaahaha…