today is prom for the jakey-poo….yesterday, he and his date were in my classroom making plans for taking pictures, and she said she’d be over at our house at whatever time…i’m not sure if he told her i wanted pics or if it was her idea, but it worked out–i totally got pics!!

my favorite one is here (it’s the potties part of this post because lily HAD to dress up, too!):

it’s such a lovely, i-want-to-be-like-you shot. i just love it. and chelsey and jake look really good together. i can’t believe they aren’t dating!! he must do something about this!!

the puppies issue is this: yesterday, ginger went missing for about 2 hours. when kev found her, she couldn’t move–it was pitiful! we took her to the emergency vet last night, and he was very perplexed. he thought she had had a stroke or was hit by a car. we went this morning to pick her up, and the vet seemed to be leaning toward putting her to sleep–but i just couldn’t yet. the house was so quiet this morning, i couldn’t take it!

anyway, kev and i ended up taking her to charlotte to the specialists who operated on her practically immediately. we went back to visit her after jake and chelsey left for prom, and she was in bad shape–but the vet nurse said that was to be expected. poor ginger looks so pitiful, i can barely stand it. this is costing us a pretty penny–but something has to be said for a man who is willing to pay for a surgery like this. kev is a very good guy who shows me every day how much he loves me.

either that, or he’s doing something very wrong–like has another family somewhere, or is in witness protection–and he is using his goodness to hide out!! 🙂