today is a “proms & potties” description of how both jake (17) and lily (3) tell me on a practically daily basis that they hate me…i think it centers on the fact that i’m a tee-total fat chick and therefore a massively easy target for disgust!


jake and i go to school together. it’s not as exciting, lovable, and fun as rodney dangerfield’s experience in the hilarious movie classic, back to school, though. jake students and i teaches….but i’ve decided that teachers’ kids are like preachers’ kids–the MOST trouble, for whatever reason.

this year is particularly hard, though, because he graduates–but “it’s just another year”; just another day (his perspective, of course)…lately, he’s taken to having showing his disgust for me in various evil-filled ways. today for instance, we’re talking about prom (okay, truth be known, I’M the one doing the talking; he’s drowning me out with his iPod!)–i’m asking meddling questions like: what time are you leaving? who’s driving? where are you going to eat? he of course, has to pause his iPod each time he thinks i’m talking to him, roll his eyes, and think of a different way to say, “i don’t know”!!!! but he lets it slip that they are going to a friend’s house to take pics, so i say, well ya’ll come back to our house or have your date come early so i can take some pics, too…to which he responds: (long breath blowing because he can’t believe he has to be bothered with such minutiae because it’s just another day) “that’s too much trouble; i don’t really think anyone wants to do that.” so i huff and puff and say, “well can i at least come see you on prom court?” to which he responds, “do you have to? it’s not that big a deal.” can’t you just hear the hate?


admittedly, jake’s hatred is pretty subtle…meaning, he knows if he ignores my need to be his mother and caretaker, i take it personally. lily, on the other hand, is totally more concrete: messes!

splenda packets open and decorating the kitchen counter;

graffitti-colored furniture;

toys strewn all over the living room and bedroom;

powder showers in whichever room she’s found it in;

lotion squirted all over my sheets;

drinks spilled EVERY time she has a cup with no lid;

a flood in the bathroom after every bath…

and these are just in the last week!!

but maybe i’m just paranoid!! 🙂