i saw this post the other day called a book-spine poem and wondered, “what in the world is a book-spine poem?” well, it’s basically where you set up book, spines out,  and read the titles as separate sentences–then you imagine what the “poem” might mean in terms of story or revelation or fun, i suppose…so, these are two of my feeble attempts–two because it became a little too addictive, so i got irritated that i didn’t have any good book  titles! my “poems” didn’t say what i wanted them to!!

but, after reading them again,  maybe they do. a little….

I am the messenger.

If you could see me now



The wanderer

Small steps.

The moves make the man

**I’m going with we are all witnesses to the wanderer in ourselves–am i the only one ever filled to the hilt with wanderlust?? got to get out…get moving…go DO something?

I like my second one better, though:

Probable future:

Charmed life

Down a dark hall–


Is it done yet?

Catching fire,

Joyful noise

** i wanted (needed) something positive today….so these titles (of books i’ve read recently) hit the spot…even charmed lives see bluesy times, right? but when life catches fire, everything sort of works out! it’s pure joy…

so, go make your own book-spine poem…my students are definitely gonna have to do this!!