so, i’ve written a little about a few of my students who seem to be beyond my reach…the ones who need some sort of intervention (and by this, i mean paddling should be reinstated!). alroy made me send him out of class again today. i think today was the 3rd time in the last two weeks!

this is  his m.o: attitude—talk—fists keep his head from banging the desk while he sleeps–slowly, he’ll root around for a pencil (maybe)–eyes roll—fists back on his jaws—“okay, okay, i’m up.” ya get the picture, right? the other day, he tried to tell me he had been reading and not sleeping, yet his eyes were bloodshot, and there were scarlet circles on his cheekbones from his fists! so do i believe the words or the body language?

sending this kid to the office doesn’t do anything. they will let him sit in the suspension room and finish his nap! the only time he was suspended this semester was when he brought tobacco (dip) to school! do i want him to be suspended? well, no, not really…but i want SOMETHING done other than a “howdy-do” with principal in the office. i’d like a little back up rather than the high-sign that means, “the little lady is just high-strung, we men understand each other”!! am i asking too much?

i guess it boils down to me preferring to be a teacher, not a babysitter.  but, with about 22 days before exams, i don’t see that happening. when i could lose my job because students like him don’t perform high enough on a test, it maddens me that i don’t have any options.