my dumb old dummy dumb sister hasn’t answered my phone calls or texts all day…i just found out that she’s been at my dumb old dummy dumb mama’s house. i wouldn’t answer me either–she stood me up yesterday, and i’m totally mad at her!! anyway, so she goes to spend the night at mama’s, and it freaks me out. that house has been basically abandoned for the last 6 years since mama decided to move in with kev & me. and through that time, it’s been broken into at least twice, and several things out right stolen from the property.

so why does my weirdo sister do this? probably just to scare the crap out 0f me. she knows i have a worry-wart problem, yet she goes anyway. but does she tell me that she’s going to that haunted house? of course not. and that is because she knows i would totally go chick-batty on her for going. there’s all kinds of ghosty sorts and weirdos and druggies around there. i don’t like it, not even a little.

she needs to call me or text me cuz if something is wrong, i might have to hurt her!