somer had a baby bird stuck on her windowsill at school today. it was so tiny and sweet-looking that i almost forget how much i dislike feathered creatures. the baby bird, let’s call him ralph, flittered on the sill, calling for his mother. she kept flying past him, tweeting phrases like, “it’s okay…you’re not stuck…you can do it.” sometimes ralph would ruffle his feathers like he was going to take off, and once he even straddled the sill at one point, and somer and i thought he was getting braver.

but the mama bird kept swooping around, tweeting and singing and coaxing that baby. ralph kept telling her that he wasn’t ready to go–to just come get him and get him back to that nest. and he was terribly stubborn. he chirped his disagreement, that he wasn’t moving, no way, no how! his mama was patient, kept feeding him and letting him make up his own mind, though.unfortunately he hadn’t left when it was time to leave school. two old-men teachers told us to leave it alone–it’s mama was taking care of it, and if it died then, well, that was nature.

but as i watched that mother and baby bird talk to each other, it made me think about jake. i suppose everything is making me think about jake–he’s going five hours away from me pretty why am i reminded of jake? well, i want jake to fly. i want him to be okay being on his own. but i see him trying to stay, while at the same time wanting to go. i mean, he applied to east carolina, got accepted, and is on his way to his own window sill. i’m doing what i can to keep him safe and help him be on his own. but what if what i’ve done isn’t enough? what if he’s too scared to be successful at college? can i be as patient and knowing as that mama bird? i can only hope!